CA Workload Automation to Support SAP Solutions

CA Technologies’ workload management solution has been certified by SAP for its integration with the SAP Solution Manager application management solution. The integration is intended to enable CA Workload Automation AE 11.3 (formerly CA AutoSys) customers to use SAP Solution Manager to manage and monitor business processes in SAP solutions.

“Companies focused on executing their mission-critical workloads rely on CA’s management capabilities and enterprise coverage to help IT organizations fulfill vital business goals,” said Michael Madden, general manager for CA Technologies. “CA Workload Automation AE, certified for integration with SAP Solution Manager, allows customers to readily adapt and respond to changing demands and opportunities in today’s dynamic data center.”

The integration is intended to help unify workload management, simplify administration and reduce related operation costs; helps track and increase efficiencies across workloads, and delivers greater business service velocity and

flexibility to enable the dynamic data center to better respond to business needs across the enterprise. CA partnered with DataXstream to build the integration between Workload Automation AE and SAP Solution Manager.

More information is available from the CA website at