CAST Highlight Now Features AI Chat Integration for Understanding Custom App Complexities

CAST, the software intelligence leader, is debuting a new generative AI (GenAI)-based capability to CAST Highlight, the automated observability and governance solution for custom-built software. This AI functionality, AI Advisor (currently in beta), puts IT executives closer to insights regarding their complex custom application portfolios, surfacing key strategic data relating to cloud, technical debt, compliance, costs, and sustainability. 

CAST’s AI Advisor is designed to help users better understand their application portfolios by surfacing insights, interpreting findings, navigating the product UI, and getting recommendations on ideal next steps—all through an intuitive chat interface.

Any responses generated by the AI Advisor are based on hard facts, augmenting CAST Hightlight’s ability to automatically comprehend the source codes of hundreds of apps, offering intelligence across a client’s portfolio in as little as hours, according to CAST.

AI Advisor is trained to respond to user queries relating to cloud maturity, technical debt, application composition, resiliency, agility, maintenance costs, and the software’s overall green impact. Users can ask questions such as:

  • Which applications are my best cloud migration candidates?
  • Do I have new legal and IP exposures this month?
  • Are risky components, like Log4J, still being used?
  • How can I best reduce technical debt and costs across my applications with the least effort?

"This advancement demonstrates CAST's commitment to better enable CIOs, application owners, and other digital leaders to steer and report on key strategic imperatives," said Greg Rivera, VP of CAST Highlight. “With the AI Advisor we’re taking a big step in making the complex world of portfolio governance and software observability as streamlined and intuitive as possible."

The introduction of CAST Highlight’s AI Advisor continues CAST’s investment into the AI world, following the company’s latest integration of ChatGPT and OpenAI with CAST Imaging, the “MRI for software,” according to the company.

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