CAST Highlight’s Fall Release Accelerates and Secures Cloud Migration with Oracle Cloud Support

CAST, the software intelligence leader, is debuting the fall release of CAST Highlight, featuring capabilities for faster, safer cloud migration, continuous optimization, expanded cloud service recommendations, and cloud native services for Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

CAST’s fall release introduces Cloud Maturity Insights and Cloud Service Recommendations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, two features designed to accelerate and optimize cloud migration while expanding its cloud coverage.

Cloud Maturity Insights continuously optimizes applications for the cloud—even post-migration—with Cloud Maturity insights. Previously named “CloudReady,” Cloud Maturity now represents CAST’s comprehensive span of cloud insights—including cloud service recommendations, multi-cloud insights, and more.

This emphasis on “cloud maturity” further applies to the Oracle ecosystem; Cloud Service Recommendations for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expands CAST’s cloud maturity planning—which already covers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud—to Oracle. CAST Highlight customers can now utilize automated recommendations for optimizing software migration to Oracle Cloud.

“CAST Highlight's Cloud Maturity Insights and Cloud Service Recommendations enable organizations to redefine and broaden their approach to cloud migration and optimization,” said Greg Rivera, VP of CAST Highlight. "Now businesses can enhance the cloud maturity level of their applications by using our cloud software intelligence with already-migrated applications. This increases cloud-based application control, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, ultimately enabling organizations to realize the cloud’s true promise.”

In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, CAST is also introducing CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Insights, which tracks maliciously exploited CVEs to surface real-time intelligence regarding the threat, improving overall cloud security.

CISA KEV also introduces streamlined open source software (OSS) license searches, better Excel export support for large portfolios, custom segmentation enhancements, and more.

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