CAST Imaging Introduces Cloud Blocker Detection for Streamlining Application to Cloud Migration

CAST, the software intelligence company, is launching a new capability for CAST Imaging which improves cloud migration; now able to detect “cloud blockers,” or the impediments that halt the migration of custom-built applications to the cloud, CAST Imaging leverages an advanced, living knowledge base of these applications’ inner mechanisms to drive business responsiveness, development efficiency, and accelerated onboarding with interactive blueprints.

Mapping all an application’s elements and their dependencies, CAST Imaging detects cloud blockers amid thousands of objects to visualize specific obstacles preventing smooth migration to the cloud.

Supported by the solution’s extensive application data comprehension, CAST Imaging provides deep internal application insights that generate answers in minutes, not days, according to the company.

“With these new capabilities, lead developers and application architects can now instantly see cloud blockers and how to remove them,” said Luc Perard, vice president of global product marketing at CAST. “Development teams can focus remediation efforts exactly where needed, with all information at their fingertips, to work faster and more efficiently.”

In unifying developers and architects with application internals via a visualized knowledge layer, enterprises will dramatically enhance business responsiveness, development efficiency, and accelerated onboarding.

John Granger, SVP at IBM Consulting, put it succinctly, explaining that “It’s like Google maps. We want the best possible map system and that’s why we work with CAST.”

Cloud blocker detection is now available to CAST users.

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