CAST Introduces AI to Software Intelligence to Automate Application Modernization

CAST, a leader in software intelligence technology, is enhancing the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in its application development and maintenance (ADM) platform.

According to the company, this new development will unlock unprecedented value for IT organizations regarding their critical custom-built applications. The goal is to address maintenance and modernization of existing software, a key ADM challenge that enterprises face. 

CAST software intelligence automatically reverses engineering and extracts vast amounts of detailed metadata about the internal structures of these complex software systems. This data can effectively ground AI engines, enabling them to understand, maintain, and modernize existing applications with a high level of precision and efficiency.

Over the past nine months, CAST’s research and development team has collaborated with several global system integrators and leading AI providers.

This collaboration has now conclusively demonstrated that grounding AI with outputs from CAST software intelligence technology allows LLMs to elucidate a whole software system's inner workings.

As a result, AI-powered smart agents will be able to assist humans to change, fix, modernize, or adapt complex software to a targeted cloud environment. The collaborative effort is nearing a significant milestone with the completion of a working prototype expected by year’s end, according to the company.

This technological innovation marks a substantial leap forward, as it is expected to greatly boost the productivity of ADM teams working on application modernization and evolutive maintenance.

According to the company, it underscores CAST's dedication to enabling AI to provide significant additional value to IT organizations worldwide, far beyond the creation of new code—by revolutionizing how existing code is understood and enhanced.

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