CData Acquires Data Virtuality, Introducing Large-Scale Data Virtualization to its Platform

CData Software, a leading provider of data connectivity solutions, is announcing its acquisition of Data Virtuality, a global provider of data integration and management solutions. This integration bolsters CData’s data management capabilities, now delivering to its customers the ability to support large-scale data virtualization projects.

CData’s unique value prop—existing as the only data management vendor to bring a bi-modal integration stack to market, according to the company—expands with the acquisition of Data Virtuality. Now, CData customers can not only utilize data replication and live data access within one common connectivity platform, but they can also leverage an enterprise-grade data virtualization platform for more enhanced, organization-wide live data access.

“The acquisition of Data Virtuality complements our existing live connectivity products with an enterprise-ready data virtualization platform, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our team,” said Amit Sharma, CEO and co-founder of CData. “Bringing Data Virtuality into the fold of our product portfolio, we can now offer organizations a complete set of replication and live access tools that work across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid tech stacks. CData is uniquely positioned to accelerate data virtualization initiatives for companies at every stage of their journey, and we’re excited for the future.”

Data Virtuality offers live connectivity for direct system-to-system data access, all without the need for relocation. Additionally, the company provides robust data virtualization solutions for a unified, governed semantic layer, according to the company. This complements CData’s existing solutions, including its Driver and Connect Cloud products.

“Data Virtuality is proud to share CData’s commitment to empowering businesses to unleash and maximize the full potential of their data,” said Dr. Nick Golovin, founder and CEO of Data Virtuality. “Together, our global scale and market-leading technology provide a tremendous opportunity to more flexibly meet business requirements. By abstracting away technical complexity with our newly combined technology offerings, we support data democratization, enabling more people within businesses to efficiently work with data.”

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