CData Democratizes SQL Query Writing with Latest GPT-Powered Translation Capability

CData, the company making it easy to connect, integrate, and automate enterprise data, is introducing a new capability for CData Connect Cloud, a cloud data solution that provides governed access to hundreds of cloud applications, databases, and warehouses for live data consumption and analysis with users’ tools of choice. This new capability, dubbed the Connect Cloud AI Generator, is a GPT-powered, text-to-SQL feature that effortlessly converts natural language into dynamic SQL queries across a variety of data sources.

Connect Cloud AI Generator emphasizes the fusion of AI and data, bringing a GPT model and advanced machine learning (ML) to Connect Cloud for streamlined natural language decoding. The new capability understands the nuances of everyday language and converts them into SQL queries, driving greater accessibility to Connect Cloud’s data connectivity and data virtualization power for less technically inclined users.

Diving into its more technical innerworkings, the AI Generator uses its GPT model’s natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to decipher user inquiries while the ML component interprets context and translates queries into SQL commands.

From a security standpoint, AI Generator benefits from CData’s existing security infrastructure, passing only the metadata into the AI generator—not the actual data. This new capability is further protected by CData’s stringent user authentication, robust data encryption, and granular access controls, maintaining compliance and regulatory adherence, according to the company.

On top of AI Generator’s technical power and robust security, the capability centers an intuitive, user-centered design to redefine what it means to write complex SQL queries. These generated SQL instructions tap into diverse sources, apply time-based filters, and deliver actionable insights, regardless of SQL expertise.

The Connect Cloud AI Generator not only eases the process of producing SQL queries but reduces reliance on technical experts and accelerates decision making, ultimately cultivating an environment of innovation and positive business growth.

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