CHOROLOGY Sets New Security Standard with Deep AI-Based Governance Platform

CHOROLOGY, a cutting-edge innovator in compliance and security posture management, is emerging from stealth—backed by $9 million in Series A funding—to deliver comprehensive, robust data governance designed with Deep Artificial Intelligence technology. CHOROLOGY’s aim is to bring best of breed compliance and security posture management solutions to the market that focus on ease-of-use, intuitiveness, and zero-learning overhead.

CHOROLOGY, backed by well-resourced investors, seasoned advisors, and a veteran management team, is addressing the inefficiencies of modern data management and the extensive risks of data breaches, according to the company. By abstracting across all compliance, privacy, and security mandates and delivering end-to-end security assessments, CHOROLOGY’s product suite resolves data compliance and security concerns while keeping TCO low.

"CHOROLOGY's Deep AI-powered platform is a game-changer in the area of data compliance and security posture management as the amount of work and time it will save the average user is massive. By addressing the critical gaps in current enterprise data governance frameworks, their solution… [compliance and posture enforcement solution (CAPE)] will not only enhance accuracy and efficiency, but significantly lower operating costs," said Chris Steffen, vice president of research for enterprise management associates. "This is something I have been wanting to see get developed for years and represents a major step forward for enterprises seeking to resolve the complexities of modern data security and regulatory compliance."

CHOROLOGY’s platform offers a holistic, detailed view of data sprawl without the need for exorbitant pre-processing or machine learning overheads, according to the company. Equipped with advanced AI capabilities—including an Auto-Data Discovery Engine, an Auto-Data Classification Engine for all data modalities, and an Auto-Data Mapping Engine—the CHOROLOGY platform protects and future-proofs sensitive data with a comprehensive data security risk and compliance posture management framework.

"With CHOROLOGY’s industry-leading data compliance and posture enforcement solution (CAPE), now enterprises have an intelligently automated DSPM engine that can discover and classify sensitive structured and unstructured data stored in on-prem and cloud repositories,” said Sam Phillips, ex-CISO for Bank of America, Inc.

“CAPE’s Deep-AI engine lets enterprises narrow the gap between regulatory mandates and practical compliance implementation. By using Chorology’s security and compliance platform, we are not only protecting our vast ecosystem of sensitive data at an overall lower total cost of ownership but setting a new benchmark for security and compliance management excellence in our industry,” continued Phillips.

“Because data breaches and security threats remain a serious problem for organizations worldwide, we are committed to providing powerful solutions that go beyond industry expectations,” said Tarique Mustafa, CEO/CTO of CHOROLOGY. “Our mission is clear: to set a new benchmark in securing data integrity and regulatory compliance, safeguarding the future of digital workflows. The CHOROLOGY platform represents a leap forward in this area, offering the most comprehensive and intuitive suite of tools available that moves businesses ahead of threats and evolving compliance mandates.”

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