Calpont Announces Open Source Analytics Database

Calpont Corporation is a database software company that provides column-oriented technology optimized to handle analytics, business intelligence and read-intensive application deployments. Recently, Calpont announced the availability of its open source database software, InfiniDB Community Edition. Enabled via MySQL and purpose-built for an analytic workload with column-oriented technology at its core, InfiniDB Community Edition delivers a full-feature scale-up solution that supports the rapidly increasing demand for open source analytics databases solutions.

InfiniDB Community Edition has a robust feature set that makes it very useful for open source MySQL analytical database users. Combining column-oriented architecture with a completely multi-threaded implementation that enables contemporary hardware, InfiniDB Community Edition has no limits in terms of users or data volumes and easily enables high performance multi-terabyte database deployments. InfiniDB Community Edition also aims to ease the adoption of analytics database technology by ensuring out-of-the-box performance via its touchless, automatic partitioning schemes and metadata management system, the InfiniDB Extent Map. Rounding out a feature set that until now had not been available to MySQL analytics database users, InfiniDB Community Edition adds ACID compliant transactional support, crash recovery, non-blocking MVCC support and alter table capabilities to truly enable open source analytics.

"InfiniDB combines the benefits of column-oriented technology for analytic workloads with the price advantages of open source. Column-oriented databases are still relational in nature. However in the storage layer the data is stored in columns. This removes the need for an index because the columns serve that purpose. This provides for less I/O activity and eliminates the reading of data that is not needed. Because of this architecture, query results are returned much faster than in traditional row-oriented databases," Robin Schumacher, vice president of products for Calpont, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Another benefit of InfiniDB is that it uses MySQL as a front-end, so any MySQL database user will recognize the same look and feel, and require little or no learning curve in using InfiniDB."

In order to promote InfiniDB, Calpont has established as the web destination for people to learn about and download its analytic database software. For more information about Calpont, go here.