Calpont Corporation Announces New InfiniDB Upgrades

Calpont Corporation, a provider of high-performance analytic data platforms, has announced a new version of its MPP, column-oriented data technology, InfiniDB 4. In addition, according to the company, the core product will be available under the General Public License version 2.0.

“In terms of our licensing business model, we are going to be using open source General Public License version 2.0 and effectively the core product is going to be available with minimal reserve features,” said Jim Tommaney, CTO, Calpont.

These new licensing terms provide opportunities for companies to experience big data analytics by scaling InfiniDB without software licensing limitations. InfiniDB with an open source core will create a broader distribution of the software “We are encouraging people to use the product in an open source matter and GPL V2 is very friendly towards that operation,” explained Tommaney. In addition, an optional Enterprise Subscription will be available as well to provide a comprehensive offering of enhanced server software and enterprise-level SLA support, the company said.

Calpont has also come out with a new upgraded version of InfiniDB. InfiniDB 4 is the fourth generation of MPP and can be run on Amazon in an open source relationship and now includes windowing functions, a class of analytic functions that allow for expecting very complex group eye operations in very simple matter. Other new features include enhanced failover and high availability support, and additional third party tool integrations.

InfiniDB for the Cloud is also now available. This new feature enables high performance analytic applications in Amazon Web Services, customers can expand and provision their servers on the cloud and it is user friendly.

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