Calpont Launches InfiniDB 2.0

Calpont Corporation has announced InfiniDB Enterprise 2.0. According to Calpont, InfiniDB is a powerful and reliable platform for data professionals who need rapid and easy access to data, scalable data capacity, or the need to augment or replace their traditional RDBMS technologies.

"Our technology is a pure 100% columnar architecture and we have scale out capabilities which means we support a massively parallel processing paradigm and those are really the two key things that make this new generation of analytic databases so powerful," Nick Ochoa, vice president of marketing, Calpont, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

"From a technology perspective, there are two important things that we are doing with InfiniDB 2.0," notes Ochoa. "We have added a physical compression functionality that increases the compression capabilities that we had before."

According to Calpont, columnar compression offers greater compressibility than row-based capabilities because of the similarity of data values within a column file. Real-time decompression means that data can be decompressed while it is being read from disk, and without the loss of read performance, which can be critical in high performing multi-dimensional analytic queries. InfiniDB combines the space savings derived from physical compression with the elimination of indexing and materialized views. The benefit, the company explains, is increased query response when reading from disk, smaller disk footprint, and improved I/O bandwidth and throughput. "We call it performance compression," says Ochoa. "We weren't looking to compress the data as tight as we could. We were looking to get performance benefits out of the compression."

In addition, Ochoa notes, "We have added user-defined functions (UDFs) so that data administrators and DBAs can embed analytics at the database level."  InfiniDB's UDF capability enables data owners with in-database functionality to write business logic and analytic functions specific to their business needs. UDFs provide a mechanism for extending the functionality within the database server by embedding logic that can be evaluated and implemented in SQL statements. With InfiniDB's distributed MPP architecture, UDFs are completely parallelized and scalable, as is InfiniDB's out-of-the-box SQL. The resulting benefit for in-database calculations, according to Calpont, is improved latency and high-throughput for deep operational and predictive analytics.

"We have an open source community version that has over 15,000 downloads which has really helped to guide our product direction," notes Ochoa. "The community version is very important and will continue to be important to Calpont's company and product direction over time. It has extended our reach into a worldwide audience without having to develop a worldwide sales force."

For more product details, go to the Calpont website.