Calpont Launches MySQL-Based Enterprise Analytic Warehouse

Calpont Corp, a provider of analytic database solutions, announced it is shipping a data warehouse solution based on open source technology. The product will be available as a commercially supported solution, as well as community download.

InfiniDB Enterprise 1.0 and Community Editions are MySQL-based data warehouse databases targeted at users requiring cost-effective analytic database for BI and reporting applications. "The market for our product is going to be data warehousing for the masses, if you will," John Weber, vice president of marketing for Calpont, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "If you look at the way that MySQL came to market with their business model, it's 80 percent of the features at a tenth of the price. That's very similar to the way that we think about our product. If you're after a solid data warehouse alternative at a significantly reduced price, then you should consider us."

Both the Enterprise and Community Editions have a column-oriented architecture, automatic partitioning, no limits on number of concurrent users, and a MySQL front end.

The Enterprise Edition supports massive parallel processing (MPP), enabling it to use multiple commodity hardware machines to achieve linear improvements in overall query performance. The Enterprise Edition also includes a distributed shared-nothing data cache, and global monitoring and alert management from a single console.

The InfiniDB databases run on Linux, and a Windows version is under development, Weber says.

For more about InfiniDB Enterprise Edition, go here.

For more details about the Community Edition, go here.