Canada Post Certifies Melissa Data’s Address Engine

Melissa Data, a provider of global data quality solutions, has announced that its address verification engine, Address Object, has been certified by Canada Post’s Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP) to provide complete, consistent, and valid Canadian addresses.

Address Object is available as a multiplatform API, cloud service, or directly integrated with major CRM platforms such as and data integration platforms including Pentaho and Microsoft SQL ServerIntegration Services.

Similar to the USPS CASS certification, SERP processing improves the accuracy and speed of deliverability, thus helping to reduce undelivered mail and enabling mailers to qualify for Canada Post postal discounts.

SERP certification complements Melissa Data’s existing tools for Canadian data quality and, today, Melissa Data says, it is one of only a handful of vendors licensed by Canada Post to provide Canadian NCOA (National Change-of-Address) processing, matching data against 10+ million change-of-address records filed by Canadian households and businesses within the last 72 months.

Address Object verifies addresses against Canada Post’s Point of Call (PoCad) database, verifying premise number, determining whether addresses are real and deliverable, and eliminating questionable addresses. PoCAD data allows Address Object to return additional information such as municipality names, Large Volume Receivers (LVRs), and alternate street names. SERP processing also includes route, content, and installation field types.