Canonic Security’s AppTotal API Further Automates App-Vetting for Increased Remote Work Environment Security

Canonic Security is launching AppTotal API, providing security teams the means for Canonic App Access & Vulnerability automation and integration within their workflows, pre-existing app vetting, and governance systems. AppTotal, an independent index of SaaS add-ons and integrations, is being configured with this API layer to improve automation without the risk of security breaches for app-to-IT-system connectivity. 

Remote work environments pose a challenge to companies whose security teams must vet an overwhelming amount of apps, extensions, and add-ons to meet the needs of SaaS and low code automation reliance. With AppTotal API, these teams will be able to accelerate onboarding and approval processes for apps, extensions, and add-ons for increased productivity and efficiency, according to the company.

“Vendor security teams take days to strain through dozens of app and publisher properties to ensure third-party integrations are in line with the organizations' policy,” said Boris Gorin, co-founder and CEO at Canonic Security. “AppTotal API provides the industry’s only app-vetting solution that empowers workflows and provides the context security analysts need to vet and analyze apps in a matter of minutes.”

AppTotal API’s array of usage cases brings adaptability to security teams, providing resources for SaaS enrichment, customization of the system, and app behavior monitoring. Users of AppTotal API will have programmatic access enabling personally controlled workflows, improving efficiency and efficacy, according to the vendor. The program will also have SaaS non-human identity enrichment, providing context, threat intelligence, and possible attack paths to further avoid security risk. Customization of app-vetting through Slack or Teams bot or Jira integration for case-by-case management provides choice for its users, increasing the adaptability of the product. Behavior and posture monitoring for apps will be available with AppTotal API, keeping security teams regularly notified of app posture-drift, suspicious behavior, or changes to app developer’s security assurance.

Canonic Security’s AppTotal API is a community-based offering with paid tiers, which offers increasingly updated features to the platform.

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