Catalogic Software Expands Database Virtualization Coverage for Its Copy Data Solution

Catalogic Software, a provider of software-defined copy data management, has announced the availability of a new version of its flagship software featuring expanded in-place database virtualization technology.  Catalogic ECX 2.6 adds application-aware support for InterSystems Caché and Epic Electronic Health Record, SAP HANA, and extends Microsoft SQL Server support to physical hosts. 

Demand for fast, secure access to application data is growing, according to Ken Barth, CEO, Catalogic Software. As a result it is becoming a critical issue for organizations to deliver data more quickly to meet the needs of IT, development and business analytics teams. Catalogic’s copy automation software enables user self-service to deliver real-world efficiencies for a variety of use cases such as analytics intelligence, software development, or anything that relies on near real-time data access, he noted.

An “in-place” CDM solution, Catalogic ECX manages the snapshot, replication and cloning technologies of the existing storage and virtual infrastructure in a customer environment. This in-place approach requires no additional infrastructure for the customer to purchase and manage. And, the company says, because ECX doesn’t copy data onto a third-party device running separate hardware and a proprietary file system, organizations have the assurance of knowing that development projects are being done on the same storage that will be used when applications are moved into production, helping to ensure that applications will function as expected in production, and it significantly reduces risk.

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