Cegid Teams with IBM Cloud

IBM and Cegid, a provider of performance-enhancing cloud management solutions, announced an enterprise services agreement to enhance Cegid's service delivery in a hybrid IBM Cloud environment. Under the new agreement, IBM will provide hybrid cloud IT infrastructure as a service and will give Cegid access to its cloud resources and capabilities, including providing services running on IBM's data center in Paris, France.

"Businesses today change in a click," says Sylvain Moussé, CTO of Cegid. "All our clients—Certified Public Accountants, CFOs, CHROs—are increasingly dependent on technology, with digitalization being at the heart of this process. Cegid needs to keep pace with these changes and help our clients develop, grow and innovate in a secure and agile multi-cloud environment. By integrating the latest technologies including a hybrid cloud based on IBM Cloud solutions, SDCC (software defined data center) and end-to-end data encryption, we are able to move our software as a service (SaaS) platform to a new, more scalable, architecture and better manage the code supporting the underlying IT infrastructure."

As a next step, IBM will work closely with Cegid to migrate its IT Infrastructure to a hybrid cloud environment. Cegid's hybrid cloud will be located in France with data remaining in the country and being certified as GDPR compliant.

Cegid has 2400 employees and sells its solutions in 75 countries.

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