Census Introduces Powered by Snowflake, Enables Census Users to Activate Data Using Python

Census, provider of a data activation and reverse ETL platform, announced the launch of new features, Powered by Snowflake, that empower users to activate data using Python to run complex data transformation models on Snowflake. The announcement was made at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023.

Developed using Snowflake’s Snowpark API for Python, these newly-released Census features now give users the ability to run advanced Python models effortlessly on Snowflake by eliminating complex data pipelines and processing, according to the vendors.

Data scientists and data engineers can extend the outputs of their Python models directly to business teams for usage in customer-facing applications. For example, customers can use Python to run predictive models to better identify top sales leads in Salesforce, or at-risk customers in Zendesk on Snowflake.

"Machine learning's true value lies in leveraging its outputs to make better business decisions," said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake. "With Census and Snowpark for Python, modern data teams can easily operationalize their models through reverse ETL and data activation. They can generate insights, work natively with Snowflake, and extend their learnings across the entire organization, all within a single seamless workflow."

 While SQL is the long-standing database language for querying and transforming data, Python has emerged as the preferred programming language for data science and ML. With Census and Snowpark, data scientists and developers no longer need to stitch multiple tools together to analyze data in multiple languages. They can work together on a single platform to move from raw data to insight, resulting in more agile data engineering and ML projects, according to the vendors.  

Census is a Snowflake Premier Partner and has worked closely with Snowflake to develop new solutions that help customers extract more value from data stored in the cloud, including its newly-released Audience Hub.

Audience Hub, Powered by Snowflake, is a suite of visual marketing features for powerful customer segmentation, cross-channel personalization, and precise targeting.

Census reverse ETL connects Snowflake to 160-plus SaaS tools, so business users have a single source of truth that is current, complete, and consistent.

“We are thrilled to announce that Census, powered by Snowflake, now integrates natively with Snowpark,” said Boris Jabes, CEO of Census. “As one of our strategic partners, Snowflake shares our mission to power customer experiences from their world class data cloud. The Snowpark developer platform makes it simple for Census to connect any data processing workflow into business applications without any extra orchestration.”

According to the companies, by building on Snowflake, product and engineering teams are able to develop, scale, and operate their applications without operational burden, delivering differentiated products to their customers. With the Powered by Snowflake program, builders get access to resources to help them design, market, and operate their applications in the Data Cloud.

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