Centrifuge Unveils Visual Network Analytics Version 2.7 for Scalable Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics and visualization vendor Centrifuge has released version 2.7 of Visual Network Analysis, its big data analytics platform. Described by the company as the first big data analytics solution that allows users to “bring their own data” without costly data transformation, reducing the need for data scientists, version 2.7 delivers context intelligence and pattern discovery by quickly filtering through large amounts of data, shortening discovery time and reducing cost.

Centrifuge Visual Network Analytics 2.7 allows customers to conduct visual discovery and investigative analysis to detect risk and security threats more efficiently, as well as relationship mapping to reveal patterns, connections, and relationships between people, information, events and behavior to form a more comprehensive visual profile. “The most compelling part of the application is ‘link analysis,’ which takes the relationships that are evident in the data and visualizes them so that you can see within one diagram what you typically couldn’t see with a bar graph, pie chart, or histogram,” Navin Ganeshan, Centrifuge’s vice president, products and technology, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The new release is tailored towards business users instead of data scientists. “What we’re really doing is bringing a lot of high-end science behind network analysis and link visualization and making it way more accessible to a normal user,” Ganeshan explains. With Visual Network Analytics 2.7, Centrifuge is expanding its presence in addressing security and risk applications.

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