CenturyLink Partners with SAP to Expand the SAP HANA Platform

CenturyLink is signing a global premium supplier partnership agreement with SAP to offer premium supplier services for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, providing an avenue to expand the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering.

“A lot of customers are looking for more integrated solutions where providers need to bring a lot of stuff together like networks, hosting, cloud, security and IT, as people start to bring their workloads to the cloud,” said Mahesh Dalvi, director of new practice development and technology planning.

Through this agreement,the companies say, CenturyLink’s infrastructure and IT services capabilities will help expand the platform and help customers achieve faster time to market for their transformation projects based on the SAP HANA platform.

 “We worked very closely with SAP to ensure that we are bringing all our capabilities to them,” Dalvi said. “We went through a rigorous process including getting all the required certification to be a partner.”

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is a private, secure cloud fully managed by SAP and supported by global partners, and is offered for companies that run mission-critical applications in the cloud.

CenturyLink will offers its services through its ability to support cloud-based development/test environments, manage large-scale production workloads, and provide metro-specific disaster recovery services, all enhanced by CenturyLink’s advanced network capabilities.

These services are designed to help businesses quickly deploy their SAP application workloads to their global workforces through CenturyLink’s international network, private cloud and managed hosting infrastructure.

 As the partnership moves into the future the company is working closely with SAP on tools that will work together in a complimentary fashion, Dalvi explained.

“There are other activities that we can do with SAP, primarily around bringing our advanced and predictive analytics capabilities,” Dalvi said. “We are very excited and our goal is to work together with SAP as well as a lot of our customers to keep on providing and enhancing our offering to release joint projects.”

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