Certification Testing for Revolution R Enterprise Available

Revolution Analytics, a commercial provider of open source R software, is providing certification testing for its flagship product, Revolution R Enterprise, with independent proctoring by Kryterion, a full service provider of customizable assessment and certification products and services. Citing a talent gap in advanced analytics that is expected in the coming years, Revolution Analytics says the certification is designed to demonstrate an individual’s proficiency in managing, mining and analyzing big data sets within the Revolution R Enterprise environment, a big ata Big analytics platform based on the R statistical programming language.

R is a statistical language with more than two million users worldwide. Revolution R Enterprise is powered by the R language, and integrates with business intelligence, data visualization, web and mobile apps to build solutions that enable business insights and value. The flagship solution is now available with on-demand access on the AWS Marketplace.

“With the continuing growth in demand for R language programming experts, Revolution Analytics wants to help our users better exploit their skills in the marketplace and help our customers know they are hiring the right people for the job,” said Neera Talbert, vice president, professional services at Revolution Analytics. “As a certified specialist, individuals can accurately represent their skills to prospective employers and in turn employers will have a clear understanding of the skill set of the professionals they are hiring.” 

Study materials are available for free from Revolution Analytics’ website. The exam is offered both online and onsite by Kryterion. Individuals and companies interested in learning more about the exam and the available materials can contact Revolution Analytics at