Challenges of Managing a Cloud Data Ecosystem

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Immuta's Sumit Sarkar discussed the challenges organizations face with implementing and maintaining cloud data ecosystems—particularly as more cloud data platforms emerge—during his presentation at Data Summit Connect 2021.       

Organizations are seeing the acceleration of both number and types of cloud workloads, he explained. More sensitive data is being collected and needs to be sifted through while, the data teams on the supply side are really outnumbered.

"Data engineering and operational challenges are really shifting towards management of management of sensitive data," Sarkar said. "The challenges are really multiplying with more cloud platforms, as we saw in the first trend. But when we look at some of these more granular dimensions, the impact of adding a new platform, a cloud platform, or more rules or sensitive data, it is really saying it multiplies at risk costs and maintenance for managing sensitive information."

The second pillar of challenges include the difficulty in classifying managements of data across these heterogeneous platforms and then the third is disparate data protection.

"Those implementing data protection policies can vary for each cloud platform and service. And so, again, that just introduces, um, those challenges are reflected into the survey," Sarkar said.