Chartio Makes Business Intelligence More Agile with New Tool

Chartio, a cloud business intelligence service, is introducing a new solution called Data Stores for transforming and storing data for business intelligence in a more agile way.

“Chartio is a fully featured business intelligence tool that really focuses on agile BI and being more usable by more people on the team,” said Dave Fowler, CEO of Chartio. “We’re very user-friendly. We keep things very powerful but also very intuitive and simple to use.”

Data Stores will enable administrators to use Chartio’s Data Pipeline to rapidly transform data and store it in the cloud, making it more useful and accessible for end users. According to the company, the new solution will eliminate use of the data warehouse in many situations, by reducing the amount of storage needed and the processing time required to transform data.

“We allow you to just connect right up to your live data sources and start dragging and dropping and creating charts, queries and dashboards,” Fowler said. “We let you get going right away.”

Technical and end users will benefit from this new solution, Fowler explained. “Someone who’s on the data team can make these summary tables and rollups quite easily from our very simple-drag and-drop interface and our very powerful pipeline processing to pull all that data in,” Fowler said.  End users will also see advantages because of the intuitive interface that inspires marketing and sales people to go in and explore data themselves, Fowler said. “They don’t have to deal with huge amounts of raw data,” Fowler said. “They can deal with these really nice clean summary tables for them to explore and make their own.”

Chartio is now giving enterprises the advantages of having ETL but only when they need and want it, Fowler noted. This process will eliminate upfront data warehousing, separate ETL processes, advance planning, and consulting services.

Customers can connect and begin analyzing their data within minutes, layering in cloud storage and data warehousing as their needs change. “This goes with our whole approach of being more agile and moving quicker,” Fowler said. “Companies change their data all the time and are adding new data sources, pulling it in from lots of different places. We’re a tool that helps you work the way that’s more realistic.”

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