Chef Releases New Offerings to Support Azure Customers

Chef, a provider of continuous automation, is releasing several new offerings to help customers migrate legacy applications to and manage configuration and compliance in their Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Building on a rich history of working together and a close collaboration with Microsoft, Chef is unveiling Chef Automate as a managed service on Azure, Chef Workstation integration with Azure Cloud Shell, new capabilities that allow users to move legacy Windows applications and custom apps to Azure using Habitat by Chef, and new integration of InSpec by Chef with Azure to enable compliance automation.

The integration of Chef’s suite of automation tools with Azure gives users the computing power needed to continuously automate infrastructure, applications and compliance across their environments, regardless of their size. The result is increased velocity while reducing risk.

“Chef gives companies the tools they need to confidently migrate to Microsoft Azure so users don’t just move their problems when migrating to the cloud, but have an understanding of the state of their assets before the migration occurs,” said Corey Scobie, senior vice president of products and engineering at Chef. “Being able to detect and correct configuration and security issues to ensure success after migrations gives our customers the power to migrate at the right pace for their organization.”

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