Cherwell Software Introduces AIOps Capabilities to its Suite of Solutions

Cherwell Software, a provider of delivering service experiences through integrated, adaptable technology, is adding AIOps to its product suite, enabling agile and autonomous IT operation processes, further enhancing service management, monitoring, and automation across the enterprise.

The new AIOps capabilities perform deep discovery of hybrid IT environments, dependency mapping between applications and underlying infrastructure, advanced event correlation, and predictive analytics.

The resulting insights can trigger intelligent automations to effectively prevent outages, improve performance, and ease the burden of managing increasingly complex infrastructure, according to the vendor.

"This past year has challenged companies to rethink their IT operations from both internal and external perspectives. Automation is no longer a futuristic option for the workplace, but now, a reality that also impacts the customer experience," said Sam Gilliland, chief executive officer at Cherwell Software. "We are thrilled to further expand our product suite with AIOps, and remain committed to helping enterprises drive effective digital transformation initiatives and optimize their workflows to provide a seamless, positive customer experience."

Cherwell’s AIOps solution includes Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM), event correlation and noise reduction, predictive analytics, and anomaly detection. Customers implementing AIOps will experience the following benefits:

  • Increased pathway to digital maturity
  • Streamlined operations and efficiency
  • Anomalies, incident prediction, and events

With the addition of AIOps, Cherwell will strengthen its competitive foothold in the AITSM category, simplify implementation processes, and help drive ongoing value for future and current customers by facilitating their digital transformation journeys, according to the vendor.

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