Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP Offers His Tech Predictions for 2024

As 2024 comes more into focus, JG Chirapurath, chief marketing and solutions officer at SAP, offers his predictions for what’s on the horizon including trends in AI and more.

Generative AI powered code generation will redefine the role of developers: In 2024, we will see a surge in generative AI technology embedded into developers’ existing tools. By utilizing AI to create data models, app logic, and test scripts, companies enable collaboration between professional and citizen developers to supercharge their business strategies. Developers will play a key role in driving innovation and transformation forward, from pioneering new business applications to keeping mission-critical services running. Companies will continue to offer AI-powered productivity tools for developers, which will streamline collaboration with citizen developers who use pro-code and low-code solutions. New generative AI technology will empower developers to turn ideas into real solutions using AI-based code generation from natural language descriptions.  

Companies will accelerate the development of generative AI solutions across business applications: With the emphasis on AI applications only increasing in 2024, companies will need to prioritize the development of business-ready AI applications through increased access to large language models and key business data. In order to embed AI capabilities across the business suite, there must be a seamless integration of AI services so developers can integrate new tech into their applications with ready-to-use tools. Collaboration is key for development projects and by prioritizing streamlined AI resources for developers, they’ll be able to obtain quicker solutions by sharing all or specific application components, such as user experience, business logic, and processes.   

2024 will usher in new intelligent data applications to enhance developer productivity: 

The power of AI is only growing, and in 2024 developers must learn to harness its power to simplify interactions with LLMs and securely implement the technology into existing business applications. For instance, high-dimensional vectors will become increasingly common to provide long-term memory and better context to AI models. This will help developers harness the power of AI for intelligent data apps and insights and through secure vector datastores, so that applications can easily learn and adapt new information to enable automated decision-making and empowering developers.