Chordiant Ships CRM Solutions for IBM System z

Chordiant Software announced that Chordiant Decision Management, Recommendation Advisor and Enterprise Foundation are now available for the IBM WebSphere Application Server on z/OS and z/Linux operating systems.

Chordiant focuses on products that extend the reach of CRM, Lisa Caswell, vice president, global alliances of Chordiant, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Chordiant's customer set includes companies that have "hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of end customers" that they need to communicate with on an ongoing basis, says Caswell. Chordiant enables enterprises to take interaction with a customer, from a feedback scenario where the customer calls in, to a more "proactive" dialogue, she explains. This is "very important" in today's market, she notes, because as companies are struggling, the thing they need to do more than ever is keep their customers happy, and make them feel that they understand what those customers are looking for when they call. Caswell also emphasizes that level of interaction should not change whether the customer walks into a store, calls the company on the phone or deals with it on the web.

Chordiant Decision Management comprises a suite of predictive and adaptive decisioning applications that enables business users to develop "next-best-action" strategies, composed of models that predict and react to individual customer expectations, propensities and behaviors combined with intuitive business rules and segmentation schemes; Chordiant Recommendation Advisor provides an intelligent desktop that leverages Decision Management to assess what is known about and said by the customer in current and previous interactions and recommend the next best action to be taken; and Chordiant Cx Enterprise Foundation business process management systems delivers end-to-end multi-channel processes, and is built on a services-oriented architecture that enables organizations to automate, orchestrate and optimize case, task or work management from the point of origination through to the point of completion across multiple business channels.

IBM System z customers who choose Chordiant solutions can benefit from customer experience management capabilities designed to optimize customer relationships and interactions in high throughput environments, according to Chordiant. This is particularly timely, the company points out, as today's world of mergers and acquisitions is driving both customer and system consolidation that require not only a single view of the customer but also a single view of the company back to the customer. Together, the combination of Chordiant and IBM z series can enhance investments that have already been made or when necessary they can replace numerous systems. Additionally, the company believes, Chordiant customers who adopt System z can benefit from having all of their disparate systems running within a single box, while Chordiant collects and leverages data from each one.

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