Chronosphere Acquires Calyptia to Boost Observability Pipeline Solutions

Chronosphere, a leading cloud native observability platform, is acquiring Calyptia, a provider of observability pipeline solutions, to integrate Calyptia’s core technology, which provides log transformation and optimization capabilities, into the company’s cloud native observability platform.

“We are excited to join the Chronosphere team, which shares our passion and history of innovation in helping companies transform their approach to observability,” said Eduardo Silva, founder, Calyptia. “We look forward to combining our solutions to make observability even more effective and more cost efficient, for any type of company and every telemetry data type. We’re excited to continue building and supporting the Fluent Ecosystem as an open source and vendor neutral solution.”

Calyptia is founded by the original creators of the Fluent Ecosystem, which includes the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) graduated projects Fluent Bit and Fluentd.

The vendor-agnostic Fluent projects are lightweight and highly scalable log processors. They allow organizations to collect telemetry from multiple sources and distribute them to any defined destination.

With more than 12 billion downloads, Fluent Bit is the preferred logging processor for cloud native environments. As part of its ongoing commitment to open source, Chronosphere will continue to invest in the Fluent projects and community. 

Calyptia’s observability pipeline product is built on top of Fluent Bit. The addition of this pipeline to Chronosphere’s platform enables the routing, transformation, and optimization of log data at scale. With these new capabilities, teams have a central interface to: 

  • Control costs at the source by not having to send the data they don’t need. Intelligent built-in filters can reduce volumes by 30% or more.
  • Provide additional context by enriching data or improve security by redacting data - all in flight, before the data is stored at its destination.
  • Analyze log data in realtime while it’s being collected instead of waiting for it to be stored and indexed, allowing developers to quickly debug production impacting issues.

Chronosphere also recently announced its new log storage and visualization functionality, Logs powered by Crowdstrike.

With both announcements, Chronosphere customers now have end-to-end logging capabilities in addition to the rest of the observability platform, according to the company.

“With observability data growing by orders of magnitude, companies are ill-equipped to manage the costs and scale of this deluge, forcing their teams to make trade-offs. Teams are especially challenged to handle log data which is prohibitively expensive to move and store,” said Martin Mao, CEO and co-Founder, Chronosphere. “With the addition of Calyptia’s leading observability pipeline solution, we’re taking an important step to ensure that developers have the ultimate control over all their observability data from end to end—including log files to control cost and improve developer productivity.”

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