CiRBA Beefs Up Collaborative Enterprise Capacity Management

CiRBA Inc., a provider of capacity management analytics software, announced the release of CiRBA Version 5.1, which provides advanced analytics and collaborative capabilities to enable enterprise views of capacity health for both physical and virtual infrastructure.

According to Andrew Hillier, CiRBA CTO and co-founder, even as organizations achieve greater efficiency through virtualization, there is also a greater need to focus on the challenges virtualization creates for enterprise-level capacity management. A key emphasis of the new release is to bridge the gap between physical and virtual environments, and to enable collaboration between infrastructure managers and application owners. "There is a bit of a gap forming between the lines of business or the application owners and the infrastructure managers that are implementing virtualization," Hillier tells 5 Minute Briefing. The new release has a series of features aimed at bridging that gap by providing one set of dashboards, and one back-end database "that everybody uses."

CiRBA Version 5.1 acts as a centralized repository for all capacity data within a data center spanning both physical and virtual infrastructure. CiRBA's analytics are combined with a new capacity manager dashboard that is designed to meet the needs of application owners and capacity managers within lines of business. The dashboard includes new capacity status analysis and pending optimization reports, providing at-a-glance views of the health of IT environments as well as the optimization and refresh activities that have been planned by infrastructure managers. The goal with these features is to enable collaborative decision making between stakeholders on capacity-related decisions.

Additionally the new release facilitates communication and reporting through configurable dashboards and integrations to third-party data and portals. The UI is now "completely componentized," says Hillier. "You can take any piece of our user interface and embed it wherever you want." The flexible UI components enable organizations to incorporate CiRBA reports and intelligence into existing intranet portals or role-specific dashboards. The ability to deliver relevant content in a convenient location to a variety of users is critical to facilitating collaboration on capacity-related decisions, according to the company.

For more details on the new release, go to the CiRBA website.