CiRBA Launches Capacity and Efficiency Management Platform

CiRBA Inc., a provider of data center intelligence software, has introduced a new version of its flagship software that combines cross-platform analytics with flexible role-based views of environments through customizable dashboards. Version 6.0 of CiRBA provides an enterprise solution for capacity and efficiency management, with cross-functional dashboards that enable executives, capacity managers, and operations to collectively manage efficiency and risk across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

According to CiRBA, to benefit from the advantages of virtualization and cloud technologies, organizations must make faster decisions within very fast-changing environments, something that requires a systematic approach. Rather than focusing on measuring and profiling the utilization of individual workloads and servers, the emphasis in these environments is on ensuring efficient overall use of capacity through the effective placement of workloads. End users relying on manual approaches and spreadsheets cannot aggregate the required data, analyze it accurately, and provide answers with reliability, and thus leave themselves at risk, Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of CiRBA, cautions. Because of these considerations, Hillier tells 5 Minute Briefing, Version 6.0 automates more decision making, while also expanding access to important data to a broader group of managers than in the past.

CiRBA combines cross-platform analytics with flexible role-based views of environments through customizable dashboards to enable cross-functional collaboration and increase control over the efficiency and risk within a data center. CiRBA's new dashboards deliver key analysis answers and relevant system information to any user according to their role and access permissions. The dashboards tap into CiRBA's analytics engine to provide specific, actionable answers that were previously unavailable. This scientific approach means that more of the decision-making process is automated and less is left to the interpretation of the user, thereby reducing risk. Examples of dashboard views include CIO/executive, infrastructure and operations manager, capacity manager, cloud infrastructure manager, and application owner/line-of-business views.

Hillier adds that Version 6.0 enables users to create their own "answer catalogs," which consist of customizable bookmarked links that take a user to any element an analyst wants to share. Bookmarks can be leveraged for quick access to any CiRBA data element. In addition, a new "answer quality rating" enables users to quickly determine if a given analysis meets the standards for quality as established by the organization, Hillier says.

CiRBA Version 6.0 will be available in October 2010.