Cirba Expands Predictive Analytics for Virtual Environments

Cirba Inc., a provider of software-defined infrastructure control solutions, announced support for Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)-based environments running OpenStack's cloud management platform. Cirba's predictive analytics are intended to help reduce risk in KVM environments by safely optimizing virtual machine hosting, placement and sizing decisions. KVM is the most recent addition to the list of hypervisors supported by Cirba, which includes VMware ESX, IBM PowerVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

"Many organizations are looking to adopt more than one hypervisor. Having the ability to model all workload demand in one system is critical to understanding how much infrastructure is required, how it should be configured and where new workloads should be placed to take maximum advantage of available resources," said Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-founder of Cirba. "Adding Cirba's predictive analytics to KVM-based infrastructure provides unprecedented policy-based control that enables organizations to take the platform beyond just Dev/ Test and into production-level environments.” 

Cirba’s tool is intended to help eliminate the need for organizations to manually determine where workloads should be placed and enable them to make more efficient use of hardware and software resources. Cirba's Reservation Console provides integration to OpenStack to automate the entire process of selecting the optimal hosting environment (including Region and Availability Zone) for new workloads and reserve compute and storage capacity. The Reservation Console automates placements of new workloads across multi-hypervisor, multi-SLA, multi-site virtual and cloud environments.

Cirba will ship support for KVM environments running OpenStack in June 2015.

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