CircleCI Provides Native Support for GitLab Customers

CircleCI has announced its collaboration with GitLab Inc. in order to provide native support for customers seeking accessibility between GitLab Inc., The One DevOps Platform for software innovation, and CircleCI. As a result, customers will have access to tools available in all the aforementioned systems, allowing for greater choice and flexibility in software innovation processes.

This integration will allow software development teams utilization of GitLab-based pipeline triggers, enhanced permission models for configuration safeguards, toolchain compatibility, and real-time data for engineering decision-making. Customers of GitLab will be able to build, test, and deploy on CircleCI, widening the tools available to GitLab customers.

CircleCI provides development tools for software engineering to its customers. With GitLab integration, joint customers have access to intercompatibility between these systems for optimized development and increased system value. 

According to Jim Mercer, research director of IDC DevOps and DevSecOps Solutions, “CircleCI is enabling developers to choose which tools work best for them. Their GitLab support creates an opportunity to expand how developers view and use CI/CD, resulting in improved productivity, higher code quality, richer integrations, and greater business value.”

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