CircleCI Unveils Comprehensive Dashboard for Engineering Teams

CircleCI, a provider of a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, is rolling out a comprehensive Insights dashboard, helping engineering teams make better, more informed decisions.

“We help our customers automate software delivery at scale. Until now, it’s been incredibly difficult to get a pulse on the development process,” said Jim Rose, CircleCI CEO. “Customers were asking, ‘How fast are we? How resilient are we? How quickly can we recover?’, but didn’t have easy access to the data. With our new Insights dashboard, our customers can clearly see trends and performance history, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.”

CircleCI sits at the heart of the software delivery process, and has unique visibility into how code moves from version control to production.

While the practice of CI/CD alone is proven to improve engineering team performance and velocity, this new dashboard view will help teams find problems, make improvements, and ultimately, deliver better products to their customers.    

With CircleCI’s Insights dashboard, teams can better understand how key metrics like duration, mean time to recovery, and throughput change over time.

Using this data, teams are able to cut build times by finding and addressing code failures faster, pinpoint the source of bugs or security threats more quickly, and more accurately forecast trends and patterns for complete workflow optimization.  

CircleCI’s Insights dashboard allows teams to:

  • Track status — See which jobs are failing, which workflows have failing tests, and prioritize efforts for pipeline improvement.
  • Monitor duration — Find out which workflows are taking the longest and identify opportunities where features like caching, parallelization, and convenience images can help speed things up.
  • Optimize pipelines — Get insight into throughput, success rate, and mean time to recovery to see where the software delivery process can be improved.

Because CircleCI is used by thousands of engineering teams, the data and insights available to users span hundreds of thousands of sources that comprise the current software development ecosystem.

The long term vision of CircleCI’s Insights dashboard is to help engineering leaders benchmark the performance of their team compared to their peers, surface optimization recommendations and automated actions, and provide deeper analytical signals to help teams work smarter.

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