Circonus Offers Kubernetes Monitoring Solution for Free for a Limited Time

Circonus, provider of a machine data intelligence platform built to handle the volume and frequency of data seen in today's global IT infrastructure and IoT deployments, is now offering a free, no commitment 45-day trial of its Kubernetes monitoring solution.

Organizations can install the solution in minutes, and turnkey health and performance dashboards instantly auto-populate.

Benefits and capabilities of the Circonus Kubernetes monitoring solution include:

  • Optimize container health: Health-check insights such as crash loops, job and volume failures, pod pending delays, and deployment glitches minimize negative impacts, and real-time operational and health dashboards visualize node and pod resource data for easy-to-consume insights.
  • Monitor container performance: Explore performance metrics and events for your cluster as a whole, or drill down to explore the performance of a given namespace, application, node, or pod.
  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR): Turnkey alerting instantly sends notifications when clusters become unhealthy, and guided issue remediation pinpoints root causes to speed problem resolution.
  • Deploy with ease and speed: Easy- to- install agent is ready to go in ten minutes, and turnkey alerting and dashboards are available out-of-the-box with zero set-up or configuration required.

"Unlike other solutions, the Circonus Kubernetes monitoring solution was purpose-built for Kubernetes, providing turnkey dashboards and alerting that enable customers to immediately surface clear, actionable insights," said Bob Moul, CEO, Circonus. "These capabilities, in addition to offering unlimited scalability, horizontal pod auto-scaling, and the most competitive pricing on the market, empower organizations to maximize the value of their Kubernetes deployments."  

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