Cirrus Data Solutions Imparts its Migration-as-a-Service to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Provider of block data mobility technology and services, Cirrus Data Solutions Inc. (CDS), is announcing the availability of Cirrus Migrate Cloud on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, following its integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Oracle Cloud customers will now be able to leverage this Migration-as-a-Service offering to move their mission-critical databases and applications from on-premises and other clouds to OCI—without large quantities of downtime and egress traffic.

“Cloud adoption started with companies migrating files and unstructured data to the cloud. The market is now at a point where enterprises are beginning to move their mission-critical databases and applications to a cloud or hybrid cloud environment,” said Wayne Lam, chairman and CEO of Cirrus Data Solutions. “Oracle Cloud is rapidly growing, with OCI offering a solution to many of the challenges enterprises face in a public cloud environment. We are pleased to be part of the OCI marketplace and to help accelerate the adoption of OCI for databases and applications.”

Cirrus Migrate Cloud enables users to migrate any source storage to any destination storage, ranging from various vendor brands, models, and storage connectivity protocols. Vendor lock-in no longer poses a significant threat to OCI users, as Cirrus Migrate Cloud targets obstacles towards accessible cloud-first strategy adoption. In addition to eliminating vendor lock-in Cirrus Migrate Cloud completes block data migration projects four to six times faster than traditional strategies, according to the vendor.

"Digital transformation continues to be a significant initiative for the Fortune 500, and cloud migration has delayed or curtailed the initiatives for many of these leaders," said Ron Croce, executive vice president for worldwide sales and marketing, and chief revenue officer at Cirrus Data Solutions. "Cirrus Data has partnerships with many large global systems integrators trying to get these digital transformations back on schedule. Last year, cloud migration challenges started to become a topic; it is a priority as global enterprises need a strategy to align their mission-critical databases and applications with their overall transformation."

CDS’ solution is publicly available on the AWS Marketplace, Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. It is also integrated with leading public cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises block storage solutions, according to the vendor.

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