Citrusleaf Rebrands as Aerospike; Acquires AlchemyDB NewSQL Database

Citrusleaf, which provides a real-time NoSQL database and key-value store, has rebranded the company and product as Aerospike. According to the company, the name change reflects the increasing adoption by a new generation of web-scale applications that demand near-instantaneous response.

“Aerospike is the point on a rocket that lets it accelerate past the speed of sound and safely travel beyond the boundaries of our planet. It is an image that reflects why customers choose our technology—predictable speed and scale in a database that never goes down—and why developers are using it to create new real-time, revenue-generating apps,” says Monica Pal, Aerospike vice president of marketing. “As Aerospike, we are building on the incredible customer traction and the predictable performance of our database in some of the world’s most data-intensive environments.”

Separately, the company also announced that to expand support for its enterprise customers—many of which are in production within some of the industry’s most data-intensive environments—it has acquired Alchemy Database (AlchemyDB).

AlchemyDB is a NewSQL database that integrates relational database management system (RDBMS), document store, and graph database capabilities on top of the Redis open source key-value store. Under terms of the agreement, the AlchemyDB team, led by founder Russell Sullivan, joins Aerospike and is spearheading development efforts to selectively integrate key capabilities of AlchemyDB into Aerospike. The integrated functions will be rolled out over the coming year.

“Aerospike will combine the best enterprise-grade NoSQL key-value store technology with rich enterprise data management functionality,” explains Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike founder and CTO. “Our customers are already building revenue-generating applications that push the limits of speed at scale. AlchemyDB combined with the proven Aerospike platform will further fuel developer creativity and make a new class of real-time big data apps a reality.”

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