Citus Cloud Improves the Migration Features with All New Updates

Citus Data, a provider of a platform for scaling out Postgres databases, is unveiling new features for its Citus Cloud product, making it easier for fast-growing SaaS businesses to scale out without having to re-architect their application.

"Our customers don't want to give up the power of SQL with a move to NoSQL in order to scale their business. And since Postgres is their SQL database of choice, our greatest value is giving them a way to scale out Postgres when they reach that tipping point," said Umur Cubukcu, CEO at Citus Data. "This release of Citus Cloud makes it easier than ever for customers to migrate their applications from single-node Postgres to Citus. And with developer-friendly features like the zero-downtime shard rebalancer, followers, and point-in-time recovery, we've made the choice to go with our Citus Cloud database easier than ever, too."

Citus Cloud's suite of new features close the gap with NoSQL and are all about empowering developers from migration tools like Citus Warp, to the zero-downtime shard rebalancer, to offering fork and followers features in a distributed database.

Other new features include point-in-time recovery, integration with Rails and Django, and distributed transactions.

The Citus Cloud team has also continued to add to their suite of security features, introducing IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, encryption at rest and in transit, network perimeter controls, and certificate verification.

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