Citus Data Announces Open Source Extension to Increase PostgreSQL Scalability

Citus Data, which provides an analytics database that modifies and extends PostgreSQL for scalability, is releasing an open source extension, “pg_shard,” that enables PostgreSQL to scale large datasets and operational workloads.

Through the new open source extension, pg_shard, Citus Data says it is possible to elastically scale PostgreSQL for low-latency writes and reads while maintaining analytic scale out via CitusDB. Elastically scaling PostgreSQL lets users handle heavy mixed analytic and operational workloads, without sacrificing relational power. The pg_shard open source extension to PostgresSQL requires no changes to the application layer, no middleware for users to manage and requires no additional training, according to the company.

“PostgreSQL continues to grow as one of the most popular databases in the world. It is the de-facto relational database in many organizations and therefore, while its strategic importance and popularity grow, so must its ability to tackle ever larger datasets,” said Umur Cubukcu, CEO and co-founder of Citus Data. “With pg_shard, CitusDB is making PostgreSQL horizontally scale in a simple way, while keeping the benefits of a mature, open ecosystem, and taking its relational advantages to the next level.” 

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