ClearML Debuts Signature Platform for MLOps

ClearML, a frictionless, unified, end-to-end MLOps platform, is releasing ClearML for Enterprise, empowering MLOps teams to execute, manage, monitor, audit, and analyze the entire MLOps process from a single fully integrated platform—all with just two lines of code.

Previously, the platform was only available to a select group of customers on an invite-only basis and is now widely available to all enterprise organizations across industries such as healthcare, healthtech, retailtech, adtech, martech, and manufacturing, among others.

With ClearML for Enterprise, customers significantly shorten their time-to-value and time-to-revenue, ensuring ML projects are executed successfully and make it to production efficiently, according to the vendor.

"ClearML is proud to be the only unified, end-to-end, frictionless MLOps platform supporting enterprises," said Moses Guttmann, CEO and co-founder of ClearML. "In a category dominated by closed point solutions and fragmented semi-platforms, ClearML delivers an open-sourced, comprehensive offering that enables companies to scale their MLOps while successfully bridging the innovation and revenue gaps with our unified end-to-end platform."

The key features of ClearML’s end-to-end, unified enterprise offering include:

  • ClearML Experiment – ClearML Experiment allows you to track every part of the ML experimentation process and automate tasks. With it, you can log, share and version all experiments and instantly orchestrate pipelines.
  • ClearML Orchestrate – With ClearML Orchestrate DevOps and data scientists are empowered through autonomy and control over compute resources. The cloud native solution also enables kubernetes and bare-metal resource scheduling with a simple and unified interface to control costs and workloads.
  • ClearML DataOps – ClearML DataOps delivers data store automation. Automate data collection into searchable, accessible, and ML-ready data repositories through cutting-edge MLOps technology.
  • ClearML Hyper-Datasets – ClearML Hyper-Datasets allows MLOps teams to build data-centric AI workflows. Make the most out of unstructured-data using queryable datasets, made possible through ClearML Hyper-Datasets.
  • ClearML Deploy – ClearML Deploy delivers a unifying model repository, custom pipelines, and model serving. This allows MLOps teams to Transition from model development to production and gain full workflow visibility with seamless integration to the experiment manager and orchestration.

Every component of ClearML integrates seamlessly with each other, delivering cross-department visibility in research, development, and production, according to the company.

In addition to ClearML for Enterprise, ClearML is available as an entirely modular/a la carte offering for mid-market organizations. This allows customers to take a scalable approach to their MLOps needs. Critically, ClearML is also open source, meaning the software is freely available to all users and can be modified to fit the needs of any specific user.

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