ClearML Reports Improves Collaboration and Analysis of Machine Learning Models

ClearML, the open source, end-to-end MLOps platform provider, is unveiling a new reports function, now generally available to ClearML customers. Enabling the sharing of real-time reports within ClearML, the feature will create greater collaboration on model versions while auto-updating throughout the experiment lifecycle.

“Reporting and showcasing your findings to colleagues, managers, or even your future self is a core component of any modern collaborative workflow,” said Moses Guttmann, co-founder and CEO of ClearML. “Having one central place where you can seamlessly report, analyze, plan, and collaborate on your work in real-time makes it that much easier. ClearML Reports connects seamlessly with existing ClearML functionality and is based on markdown, so it’s very easy to export or connect to an external reporting tool.”

Connecting to third-party editors, including Confluence, Monday, Notion, Colab (Jupyter), and more, is now available within ClearML. Users can create and share reports, graphs, and charts to easily illustrate model experiment information, analyze results, detail experiment comparisons, discuss bugs, show experiment progress, and publish their work.

“Reporting our findings on the weekly standups was quite manual,” said Omri Bar, AI research team leader at Theator, the creator of Surgical Intelligence. “I’d have to jump around between experiments, moving from one plot to another, narrating what was interesting about the graph in question. That’s not very easy for my colleagues to follow along with. Now I can prepare a neat report ahead of time, with all the interesting parts embedded inside, important notes right next to them, cleanly organized by topic. It has made our communication much smoother.”

Other features of ClearML Reports include:

  • Enabling easier report writing via markdown language, paired with a markdown cheat sheet. Reports can also be filtered by tags or archived like datasets or experiments.
  • Embeddable scalars, plots, statistics, and debug samples from the ClearML experiment manager into the markdown editor with preview updates connected to the back-end for continuous report refresh.
  • Collaboration on unpublished reports through ClearML logins, discoverable based on report description.
  • Shareable reports, either on-platform or in a time-bound PDF, that when published exist as read-only, becoming a single-source of truth within user teams.
  • External tooling integration to embrace user workflows and toolchains via ClearML integration with various third-party reporting tools.

ClearML offers free tier or self-hosted servers, demos, and thorough tutorials available via their YouTube channel. The enterprise’s Slack channel can also provide assistance on getting started.

To learn more about ClearML Reports, please visit