ClearML Unveils AI Orchestration and Management Capabilities, Now Supporting Kubernetes, Slurm, PBS, and Bare Metal

ClearML, the leading open source, end-to-end foundational platform for unleashing AI in the enterprise, is debuting new AI orchestration and compute management capabilities for its continuous machine learning (ML) platform. This update marks ClearML’s platform as the first AI platform to support Kubernetes, Slurm, PBS, and bare metal for the seamless orchestration of AI and machine learning workloads, according to the company.

ClearML empowers AI builders to develop, integrate, ship, and improve AI/ML models at any scale with only two lines of code. Additionally, the platform affords developers with enhanced granular visibility and control into resource access.

Now, AI practitioners can automate manual or repetitive orchestration tasks—such as storage maintenance, AI workflow babysitting, machine provisioning, and dolling out credentials—paired with expanded management functionality for AI infrastructures. This broadened management enables users to include compute clusters using simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) or Altair PBS.

Additionally, ClearML is announcing extended scheduling and triggering capabilities that can run tasks automatically based on predetermined times or events, enhancing overall AI team efficiency and productivity.

Through ClearML’s platform, DevOps teams are empowered to focus on the aspects of AI innovation that really matter, boosting time-to-production while decreasing friction and overhead for AI team admins, according to the company.

“Customer AI deployments are entering a new era of complexity, spanning across diverse environments such as cloud, edge, and on-premises data centers,” said Moses Guttmann, co-founder and CEO of ClearML. “To navigate this complexity and ensure optimal performance, sophisticated scheduling and orchestration is paramount. ClearML’s new capabilities reduce the overhead of managing and controlling AI infrastructure, empowering AI Builders to scale their AI and machine-learning workflows with unprecedented flexibility, ease, and efficiency—giving organizations ultimate control over their AI infrastructure at any scale while seamlessly integrating ClearML.”

ClearML’s Slurm and PBS support allows users to leverage these popular open source workloads managers for high performance computing (HPC) environments, providing a platform that encompasses all popular Kubernetes and bare metal variants.

The integration with Slurm/PBS enables teams using these tools with greater efficacy, extrapolating more value out of their clusters with a single line of code. Scheduling logic can be easily built and passed through Slurm/PBS, and AI/HPC jobs can be launched from anywhere—including within the code, command line interface, Git, or web UI—and centrally monitored through ClearML’s orchestration dashboards. This not only delivers greater transparency but also allows users to securely launch jobs on their cluster from an external endpoint, conserving resources and driving innovation, according to ClearML.

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