ClearML and Ultralytics’ Newfound Partnership Integrates Open-Source MLOps Solutions

ClearML, the innovator behind its open-source, end-to-end MLOps platform, is announcing its partnership with Ultralytics, a vision AI company, uniting key ClearML tools with Ultralytics’ YOLOv5 AI to boost experiment tracking, remote training, and automated execution.

ClearML’s low-code, holistic MLOps platform, paired with Ultralytics’ open-source object detection AI forms a formidable collaboration that emphasizes both deep understanding of model behavior and integrated processes on a single platform.

“We’re excited about our integration with YOLOv5,” said Moses Guttmann, co-founder and CEO of ClearML. “This integration makes it even simpler to train a YOLOv5 model and use ClearML Experiment to track it automatically. Users can easily leverage ClearML Data to create a data lineage and connect a YOLOv5 Model to the underlying data that was used to train it, resulting in enhanced user understanding of a model’s behavior.”

Experiment tracking is improved through ClearML Experiment, where every YOLOv5 training run is visualized and then versioned and connected to its dataset in ClearML Data. Users can automate execution on local and remote cloud machines, automate script configuration with ClearML Hyperparameter Optimization, and deploy YOLOv5 models with ClearML Serving’s Triton serving engine. Model performance dashboards are also available for build in Grafana.

“ClearML brings awesome new capabilities to YOLOv5 that I'm very excited about,” said Glenn Jocher, founder and CEO of Ultralytics. “Users can track experiments, visualize results interactively, and organize and queue YOLOv5 runs remotely, all in one place, for free. The remote training capabilities are especially powerful, and not something that has been available before with YOLOv5. This is just one more step in Ultralytics' quest to make AI easy and to help everyone build and deploy amazing solutions with YOLOv5!”

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