Cleo Adds Accelerators for Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and More

Cleo, a leader of the Ecosystem Integration software category and provider of the Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform, is expanding its Accelerator portfolio to bring new end-to-end integration solutions to the market.  

The new Accelerators, designed for Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP-powered enterprises, will help customers accelerate supply chain automation and optimize business processes between their systems of record and multi-enterprise B2B ecosystems.

Each of Cleo’s new Accelerators comes with pre-built end-to-end business process logic for deploying common API- and EDI-based supply chain integrations. These out-of-the-box solutions comprise pre-built schemas, rulesets, and business processes for easy development, deployment, execution, and testing. As such, organizations now need to merely configure these complex B2B integrations as no coding is required.

Cleo’s Accelerators come pre-built with capabilities that reduce the time to automate Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay business processes, specifically:

  • End-to-end business process orchestration
  • Prebuilt integration logic for each of the process flows
  • Real-time visibility for instant operational insights
  • Contextually linked, end-to-end business process visibility
  • Alert notifications to speed issue resolution time

“Cleo is the only integration solution provider taking an innovative leap to automate and consolidate business processes that facilitate supply chain convergence,” said Cleo President and CEO Mahesh Rajasekharan. “Our newest set of Accelerators embeds years of ecosystem integration knowledge, best practices, and expertise into out-of-the-box supply chain integrations that enable organizations to automate end-to-end business processes quickly—without any coding. The idea is simply revolutionary.”

Put another way, Accelerators expedite the unification of transactions occurring both inside and outside the four walls of an enterprise by establishing fluid, high-visibility data flows across key end-to-end business processes spanning procurement, manufacturing, order management, fulfillment, finance, and other functions.

Now, business processes such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay can live on a single ecosystem integration platform and help organizations drive supply chain convergence. This enables organizations to automate these processes with their direct API- and EDI-based ecosystem partners and applications. In addition, an organization’s non-EDI partners who transact business manually can now be automated in hours—not weeks—from initial configuration to testing and production.

Further, by automating these B2B transactions, internal stakeholders also gain end-to-end visibility, insights, and control over critical business processes, all through a single pane of glass.

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