Clerity Announces 8th Generation of Mainframe Rehosting Reference Architecture

Clerity Solutions, a provider of mainframe migration, modernization and optimization solutions, announced the 8th generation of its mainframe rehosting reference architecture, designed to reduce the costs and complexities of mainframe migration and modernization initiatives. This updated framework supports the newest third-party infrastructure products and utilities required for smooth transitions from legacy mainframe systems to flexible open systems environments.

The Clerity Mainframe Rehosting Reference Architecture (MFRRA) mitigates risks and speeds up implementations by helping organizations determine how to plan, execute and manage successful migration projects. Mainframe application workloads may include tens to hundreds of third-party tools and utilities. By identifying and sourcing all the third-party products and replacement utilities necessary on a new target platform like the Clerity MFRRA, organizations can be assured that their business-critical applications will continue to run smoothly and Quality of Service will be maintained post migration.

For the past eight years, Clerity's migration solution experts have continued to refine the breadth and depth of the Clerity MFRRA. A range of application development environments, including Veryant's vCOBOL Enterprise platform for cost-effective COBOL deployment on open systems, also run within the Clerity framework.

The Clerity MFRRA provides organizations a choice of best-of-breed offerings and now includes over 22 solution categories representing more than 70 software products in key IT areas such as accounting and chargeback; automation and event management; content and source code management; printing and output management; job scheduling; security; sorting; and storage management. Customers such as NYSE Euronext have leveraged Clerity's comprehensive framework to help select infrastructure tools and utilities for their open systems environments.

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