Clerity Launches Open ‘Test Drive’ of Mainframe SOA Products

Clerity Solutions, Inc., a provider of mainframe migration and modernization solutions, has announced a program offering customers free 30-day trials of its Clerity Service Builder and Clerity Web Connect software products, first released this past November. These software solutions make it easy for legacy CICS, IMS, and UniKix assets to play a strategic role in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services initiatives.

Clerity's SOA and web enablement technologies are designed to solve pressing problems such as integrating distributed applications with legacy workloads and streamline user interface screens without recoding or rebuilding. "Our SOA and Web services offerings can be developed, tested, and deployed without writing a single line of code so legacy application developers, who best understand their business logic at hand, can play an active role in modernization initiatives," Cameron Jenkins, COO of Clerity Solutions, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Clerity Service Builder enables companies to assemble and deploy complex composite business services from 3270-based CICS, IMS, and UniKix Transaction Processing Environment (UniKix TPE) transactions, in addition to COMMAREA and native data web services. Clerity Service Builder's runtime environment runs on a mainframe or rehosted platform, eliminating the need for costly and complex middleware. An intuitive drag-and-drop development tool is included to compose business services and it is pre-integrated with key technologies to make generated services instantly recognizable and accessible within a SOA environment. .NET and Java-based application environments can utilize these services; no special understanding of SOAP, XML, WSDL, or HTTP protocols is required.

"Everything we generate is XML-based, so no extra code is generated when a service is built and services can be repurposed with out having to be recreated," Jenkins says. "Since services generated with Clerity Service Builder can be deployed on any platform that supports a Java application server, organizations can run web services created with Clerity Service builder on cost-effective Linux, Unix, or Windows tiers in their data center and maintain integration with legacy CICS, IMS, and similar workloads."

With Clerity Web Connect, inflexible green-screen applications can be rapidly transformed into modern, user-friendly web applications without changing underlying program code. Offering a simple visual editing environment, Clerity Web Connect provides instant access to 3270 and 5250 applications so developers can develop, deploy, and call Web Services from any captured screen. The look of an application can be quickly improved without requiring HTML or Java coding skills, the vendor says.

Clerity's solutions are intended as alternatives to IBM's SOA products for System z, Jenkins says. "Our solutions do not require any of the IBM SOA components to implement. For shops with mainframe CICS, IMS, UniKix TPE and related environments, Clerity provides a choice of deployment platforms and simplified, effective solutions that have no compilable proprietary runtimes and don't require specific SOA, XML, SOAP, Java, or .NET knowledge to build composite Web services."

In addition to the offer of free 30-day "test drives" of both Clerity Service Builder and Clerity Web Connect, users can take advantage of complementary consulting services to expedite evaluation of these offerings. Go here for more details.