CleverView for cTrace Analysis v6.2 Helps Global Enterprises Accelerate Virtualization Migration

AES has announced CleverView for cTrace Analysis v6.2, designed to help global enterprises accelerate virtualization migration and keep virtualized environments running smoothly.

Highlights of the updated version of CleverView for cTrace Analysis include security protocols support which enhances diagnostic capability for the Secure Socket Layer. It supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) and AT-TLS (application Transparent Transport Layer Security) protocols (for FTP, TN3270, and Telnet). Additionally, expanded expert analysis in trace comparison now provides application data comparison, accelerating the diagnostic process of locating discrepancies. Enhanced job scheduling for trace data collection in v6.2 provides a simple, comprehensive means of automating trace collection for component packet, OSAENTA ( OSA-Express2 Network Traffic Analyzer) and Linux traces; while SFTP file transfer support enhances support for the Linux trace analysis process.

These features, combined with existing OSAENTA support and packet trace support for Linux, z/VM, z/OS and Sniffer traces, are intended to make CleverView for cTrace Analysis a necessary diagnostic solution for mainframe and open system networks. The expert diagnostic capabilities provided in CleverView for cTrace Analysis allow companies to simplify trace collection, enhance diagnostic efforts, and accelerate virtualization deployment, while reducing costs and improving network service level performance.

"AES continues to enhance its CleverView for cTrace Analysis solution to accelerate diagnostic efforts in z/OS, z/VM, zLinux, Sniffer and OSAENTA environments," states Trevor Dodd, senior director, Business Development. It is important that the 6.2 release, now generally available, adds support for the TLS and AT-TLS security service protocols.  "Many companies are using both protocols to encrypt and decrypt to protect their application data," explains Dodd. "We enhanced expert analysis in trace comparison with application data comparison, and also job scheduling for trace data collection (component trace, OSAENTA and Linux packet trace) automation."

For more information about AES, an IBM Business Partner and HP Business Partner, and more details about CleverView for cTrace Analysis v6.2, go here.