Cleversafe Granted Four More Patents for Data Slicing

Cleversafe, Inc. has been granted and issued four new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) related to the vendor's IP portfolio around dispersed storage technology. The technology uses algorithms to divide data into "slices" and disperses them, via secure network connections, to one or more multiple storage nodes on a dsNet system.

"We've been solving the world's growing problem of how to store information at the petabyte level and beyond for a number of years already," says Chris Gladwin, CEO and president of Cleversafe, Inc. "The industry is just now catching on that traditional solutions can't scale effectively to store the massive amounts of data being generated in today's enterprise environments. Our innovation is a true leadership advantage and we'll continue to develop our technology to meet the ever-growing demands of ‘big data' and to keep us well ahead of the curve."

Cleversafe has nine issued patents presently and approaching 150 published utility patents pending. The latest patents address data subdivision, virtualized storage vaults, streaming media interfaces in dispersed data storage networks, and metadata management systems in dispersed storage networks.

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