ClickFox and Greenplum Deliver Customer Experience Analytics Solution

ClickFox, a provider of customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions, has announced a completed integration with Greenplum Software, a provider of database technology for large-scale data warehousing and analytics. CEA is a high-growth market with leading companies across the globe prioritizing the need to understand, manage, and improve their customer experience. The ClickFox software enables businesses to do this by connecting the dots and making sense of the complex choices of customer interactions that drive revenues, loyalty, and defections. Transcending a limited single channel view, ClickFox CEA patented behavioral analysis engine provides a visually intuitive mapping of all customer interactions-from retail, web, and email to agent CRM desktops, handheld devices, and interactive kiosks-delivering visibility to uncover hidden connections and reveal bottom-line customer insights.

One key aspect of CEA is that it requires the ability to process extremely large volumes of data. In order to do this successfully, the analytics need to run on a data warehouse architecture that can scale to handle ever-increasing amounts of data, and this is why ClickFox has chosen to partner with Greenplum. Greenplum Software is the pioneer of Enterprise Data Cloud solutions for large-scale data warehousing and analytics, providing customers with next-generation capabilities including elastic expansion and sandboxing, multi-petabyte scale on commodity hardware, and massively parallel analytic processing.

This integration, built on Greenplum's massively parallel architecture, gives ClickFox customers the ability to inexpensively scale to larger volumes of customer data without sacrificing processing speed. The partnership is designed to ensure that companies can quickly and easily manage and analyze customer experience for improved customer relations and business success. ClickFox's CEA is directly integrated into Greenplum's state-of-the-art shared-nothing MPP (massively parallel processing) architecture, which drives backend data warehousing services for companies. The ClickFox data architecture is optimized to easily port across the Greenplum system to process data transactions for rapid, actionable insight into the reasons behind customer issues.

"Our technology is focused on providing a scalable software-only data warehouse, and this is what makes us attractive to analytics software providers for doing high-end OEM deals," Frank Bien, vice president of business development for Greenplum, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The relationship with ClickFox is a full OEM integration, and two of the reasons they chose us are our strength in grid computing and the ability to support virtualized databases, especially in private clouds."

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