ClickHouse Cloud Now Available on GCP, Simplifying Launch and Management

ClickHouse Inc., the creator of the open source, columnar database designed for real-time analytics, is unveiling the general availability of ClickHouse Cloud on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), expanding ClickHouse’s accommodation of clients’ cloud platform of choice.

ClickHouse Cloud, a serverless offering of open source ClickHouse, is a database fine-tuned for real-time analytics, efficiently leveraging resources to drive secure and scalable performance to any workload.

Designed to withstand petabyte-scale datasets, ClickHouse Cloud mitigates the need for manual sharding or manual data movement while providing impressive query performance, according to the company. The platform separates compute while leveraging common object storage as its primary storage, dramatically increasing price/performance ratios.

ClickHouse is protected by built-in security best practices that harden, test, and validate ClickHouse builds for ClickHouse Cloud—as well as secured through automatic replication across multiple availability zones to prevent detrimental outages.

The launch of ClickHouse Cloud on GCP greatly simplifies the launch and management, where users can launch a new service in just a few clicks, with actionable insights only minutes away. The ClickHouse Cloud on GCP launch also empowers users to combine the abilities of ClickHouse with Google BigQuery, greatly accelerating queries for improved performance in customer-facing apps and internal analytics, according to the company.

This launch extends “our cloud offering, which started with being database-only to GCP users. We had strong interest from those users that are already running workloads in GCP to have a cloud database close to their other services,” said Tanya Bragin, VP of product at ClickHouse.

Additionally, “What's really great about GCP is it follows standards. For instance, we developed our offering on top of AWS, and there, our storage layer is based on S3. In GCP, there's an S3-compatible API for Google Cloud Storage, which allows us to take our implementation and move it into Google Cloud,” explained Bragin. “We also noticed from our performance testing that the GCP hardware was more cost efficient and performance-efficient for the kinds of workloads we were running under specific conditions.” 

ClickHouse Cloud’s transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing means that customers only pay for the resources they utilize, preventing over- or under-provisions. In combination with its dynamic pricing, ClickHouse offers easy-to-use integrations that ease data ingestion and interface with both internal and external systems.

“The most important part is just the fact that developers usually start with some database of choice, usually Mongo or Postgres, a great technology, but it's just the reality that for certain workloads, you need a more specialized database,” said Bragin. “You need an analytical database, so start early with a database that's a leader in the space.”

ClickHouse will continue to explore its investments based on its users, where expansion into Azure, vector search, and query acceleration for concurrent workloads define the company’s future.  

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