ClickHouse Debuts Cloud Solution for OLAP Database Management Systems

ClickHouse, Inc, creator of an online analytical processing (OLAP) database management system, announced the general availability of their newest offering, ClickHouse Cloud. The platform promises a lightning-fast cloud-based database that simplifies and accelerates insights and analytics for modern digital enterprises.

With no infrastructure to manage, ClickHouse Cloud architecture decouples storage and compute and scales automatically to accommodate modern workloads, so users do not have to size and tune their clusters to achieve blazing-fast query speeds, according to the company. This launch includes a host of new product features, enhancing the security, reliability, and usability of ClickHouse Cloud.

ClickHouse technology allows a company to turn their data into insights and innovation in near real-time, whether it's a bank trying to detect fraud or a streaming service tracking the next blockbuster.

ClickHouse Cloud is production-ready with a host of new features, including SOC 2 Type II compliance and uptime SLAs for production workloads, with a public trust center and status page that provide reassurance to customers building mission-critical data-based apps on the service. Following the successful acquisition of database client Arctype, users will benefit from a new SQL console that will enable them to connect, explore, and query their databases easily.

“The advantage of ClickHouse is speed and simplicity, and ClickHouse Cloud takes that to a new level, enabling businesses to start a service and analyze data a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market,” said Aaron Katz, CEO of ClickHouse. “In just a few months, the ClickHouse Cloud beta has gained over 100 customers and thousands of new users spanning across developers, data analysts, marketing and other critical areas of business where data is analyzed and stored.”

With every modern business relying on massive volumes of data, the ability to derive insights in milliseconds from petabytes of data becomes critically important, according to the company.

The launch of ClickHouse Cloud, available at both and through the AWS Marketplace, allows any company to access this technology on demand for the first time.

More than 100 paying customers have already adopted ClickHouse Cloud during the two-month beta phase and are experiencing the ability to focus on developing business-critical data applications without the burden of operations resources.

In addition, the serverless, production-ready ClickHouse Cloud offering adds a tier optimized for development use cases. This is tuned for smaller workloads and recognizes the importance of lower-cost services enabling rapid prototyping of new features and data products. A user can now architect, model, and experiment with ClickHouse Cloud in preparation for a full production deployment.

Alongside these fundamental product announcements, ClickHouse is delighted to further validate its market opportunity, team, and business model following fresh investment from leading technology investor Thrive Capital, as an extension to its Series B. This funding will support further investment in technology and allow ClickHouse to continue building its world-leading team of software engineers.

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