Cloakware and Oracle Integrate Cloakware Password Authority with Oracle Identity and Access Management

Cloakware, a provider of privileged password management solutions, has announced that it is working with Oracle to extend Oracle's suite of Identity Management solutions with Cloakware's flagship product, Password Authority. By combining these two products, Oracle is now able to enhance its customers' security management, with a comprehensive solution to manage, protect and monitor access to vital data.

As more and more high-profile data breaches come to light, companies are realizing they need increasingly robust solutions to protect their vital data, and are struggling to balance individuals' access rights to secure information against risk and compliance requirements. Cloakware's patented white-box cryptographic techniques ensure defense-in-depth for end-to-end security of data and keys, especially where insiders have access to the execution environment. Working with Cloakware enables Oracle to offer its customers a solution to securely store and manage privileged passwords for human administrators and runtime applications without changes to the customer's existing infrastructure.

Rob Grapes, chief technology officer for Cloakware, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "Cloakware's Password Authority provides customers and technology vendors with a flexible, automated, enterprise-class solution that supports external database vendor technology for massive data scalability. Integrating Password Authority with Oracle's Identity Management Suite provides Oracle with the ability to enhance their customers' security management with a comprehensive solution to manage, protect and monitor access to vital data. Password Authority has multiple points of seamless integration across the Oracle Identity Management Suite, including Oracle 10g/11g RAC, Internet Directory, Identity Manager, WebLogic, with future effort towards Role Manager and other Fusion middleware applications.

"Also, Password Authority utilizes the performance and scalability of the Oracle Database platform for its central repository, provides full support for Oracle's clustering and alternate database failover mechanisms, and is capable of maintaining and releasing under policy the Oracle Database passwords used by administrators and unattended programs."

By integrating Cloakware Password Authority with Oracle's Identity and Access Management Suite, customers will have a single solution to proactively address security deficiencies and reduce cost and risk in their IT infrastructure.

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